To My Fellow Equitas AAPI

Dear AAPI Educators of Equitas, There were literally thousands of opportunities where I could’ve spoken up and brought greater focus toward the heartbreaking rise of anti-Asian hate crimes across the county. But so much has happened, is happening, and about to happen that I’ve always found reasons to wait another week. Other times I feel I couldn’t askContinue reading “To My Fellow Equitas AAPI”


Dear EQ2 Families, Next week, every one of our families will be able to meet with teachers at a pre-scheduled time between Wednesday, March 17th, to Friday, March 19th. There will be no synchronous (learn together) instruction Wednesday, and Thursday is a half day ending at 12PM, with no self-guided learning. There is also noContinue reading “PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES MARCH 2021”


Now that we know we’re finishing the year with distance learning, we’re investing into our teachers to make sure we can continue to innovate and deliver powerful learning experiences online. And we are so grateful that Dr. Catlin Tucker will be joining us on 3/24/2021 to host a workshop with EQ2. A teacher of theContinue reading “LEARNING WITH EXPERTS: EQ2 WELCOMES DR. CAITLIN TUCKER”


During times of change and uncertainties, we know the prompt sharing of information is even more important than ever. Equitas Academy Charter School’s CEO, Malka Barrego, announced almost two weeks earlier than the planned announcement date to let everyone know that Equitas will not re-open its schools for this school year. The decision was madeContinue reading “EQ2 WILL NOT RE-OPEN FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR”

Updates from the School Director: February 2021

Dear EQ2 Families, For the past six months, every one of our EQ2 team members have overcome huge challenges to make sure all of our scholars can learn successfully, even when schools are closed. Our Operations Team never stops because they see our families as family; Ms. Montanez and her team simply will not allowContinue reading “Updates from the School Director: February 2021”

Advocacy for Immigrant Families

On Wednesday, 1/27,2021, we will have our Family Night – Advocacy for Immigrant Families. On behalf of the January committee, we would like to extend an invitation to Equitas staff, scholars, and families. One of America’s remarkable things is that nearly all of our families originally came from someplace else. It’s a source of ourContinue reading “Advocacy for Immigrant Families”