At the March 6th EQ2 LISTENS event, many parents met with our entire EQ2 team over Zoom to share some of their thoughts, successes, ideas, and hopes. Here below are just some of the incredible insights they gifted to EQ2. And at the next Cafecito, we will let families know just how these comments were used to guide our decision-making here at EQ2.

What’s Working?

Having control of time management→ schedule of what to do on each day instead of an opens schedule has made it easier to manage if their child is completing their work.”

“II appreciate Ms. Wolf for information about my daughter. Texting and calling work a lot better than emails. The independent work and zoom classes are well balanced and it is perfectly working for our family.”

“I’m happy with how my daughter is doing, I’m not worried. I’m not sending my daughter to school… teachers have been very helpful and supported her when she’s feeling stressed. I’m OK with the Zoom class, I don’t have any complaints from teachers.

Weekly reminders from Google Classroom to update on completed or missing assignment (technology we are using is helpful)

“When teachers email scholars reminding them of when they are missing something.”

Parentsquare has been very helpful to text/message all teachers and Deans when there is an update on scholar that the scholar grade level”

“Communication with the teachers. I believe I have better communication virtually compared to before when students had to go to school in person. Ms. Wolf is such a great teacher and she is on top of everything.”

Peardeck has been a great resource. It lets teachers see students’ work and this technology helps a lot.”

“The communication with the teachers has been working very well. I feel like I can communicate with teachers whenever. Teachers having their office hours, that’s amazing.”

“First thing that works well is that teachers ask scholars to keep cameras on so they will be monitored, that is very important so the scholars can focus and be engaged.”

“it’s an honor and very satisfactory that the teachers are so caring and on top of  the scholars’ progress. Even though we are not physically in school, both teachers are herself are treating the situation no different as far as expectations.” (She would appreciate positive phone calls!)

Ms. Wolf is an excellent teacher. She texts me and updates me even on the weekends. Distance learning has been very challenging; Ms. Merida also has been very helpful for getting us a hotspot when our internet was down. I see lots of great teachers pouring their hearts out to help my children. I also appreciate the teacher who reached out to my daughter when she was going through a hard time.

“Thank Mejia which is the one who has helped her the most!She appreciates all the help and the constant communication, even just to check in.”

“iYo también quiero darle gracias a Ms Wolf por comunicarse conmigo cuando Vanessa no termino su tarea o para decirme que ella esta  haciendo todo bien.

“gracias a los maestros y a todas las personas que ayudan a todos los ninos gracias la comunicacion y la paciencia de los maestros gracias”

What needs to be improved?

“ It can be hard for working parents to be on top of scholar work, especially if they can’t address it until later or after assignments are due.”

“Having trouble with one of her children who is not doing homework. She works and cannot be at home. Wants to thank teachers for helping with the kids and being in constant contact, but it is difficult for the children to focus at home.”

Upset about being told at the last minute that their scholar is failing and will have an F for the Trimester. If she knew earlier, she could have been more on top of her scholar.”

“I think the school has been very supportive but my 5th grade scholar is struggling to form deeper connections with the teachers. I think it’s because she didn’t have time to meet them in person.

“My child procrastinates and it has been challenging for me to motivate my child to finish the independent assignments after the zoom classes”

“Sometimes my daughter says that she is done with her homework, but I have a teacher call me later that day telling me my daughter is not done with the homework. This is what is not working for me now”

“The deadline for all the work is at 4pm and when I come home, it is 8pm. It would be very beneficial if the deadline gets extended. My son also gets very shy when recording himself for PE.”

“aveces uno no sabe cuando ella no termina la tarea ustedes están  pendiente Gracias qué Dios les bendigan → sometimes one doesn’t know when my child finishes their homework”

“Emails need to be more clear, and things need to have a due date..”

Parents don’t have time and constantly be checking and filtering through emails

“For some parents it works to have the information about all classes from one teacher, and for other they appreciate the messages from individual teachers (because you can get more specific feedback)”

Need more time to complete assignments (4pm is not enough time)”

Hopes and Fears?

“One of my biggest fears is that my child is missing out on an experience interacting with her peers and teachers. Not sure if she can adapt well to the school environment when she finally goes back to the school”

“Scholars becoming anti-social and not communicating with friends or teachers. Becoming homebodies.”

“When they go back to school, there will be exposure and fear of getting sick.”

“I just hope that my kids can return to physical school and the old traditional routines. I fear that my kids with have to do distance learning again next year and be stuck at home 7 days a week. An obstacle is finding a remedy for the crisis.

“My biggest fear is that my child may struggle to wake up early in the morning, follow different school rules, and transition back to the normal school hours and rules.”

“My only fear is that when we go back to normal, the communication between the teachers might not be as good as now.”

“The problem with Google Classroom is it is sending emails at the end of the week, and that is not enough time and scholars are not excelling, when they were while they were in the building. How can we help those scholars come back

“Hoping that schools can reopen and students/parents/teachers can improve in their grades so that it is not necessary to repeat a grade. My fear that we can overcome this pandemic, and for us as parents, our children are our main focus, and that our kids are able to overcome this pandemic and don’t get sick. That the schools may reopen following the rules so that everyone is safe.”

“My biggest fear is that my child is going to become anti-social. I want to thank the teachers for communicating well with me and my daughter. I would like to see this type of good communication continue even after we go back to the school in person.”

“THer and her son are very grateful for his teacher as he is very motivated to wake up every morning and log on to zoom. He loves the staff that help him. She wants thank Ms.Schlosser because her son is very happy with her as a teacher!

“I hopes for good health. Trust in god. An obstacle is that I worryway too much about my kids.”

“ An obstacle was adapting to distance learning. It was not easy because she has to work but it has taught her son to be independent.

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