During times of change and uncertainties, we know the prompt sharing of information is even more important than ever. Equitas Academy Charter School’s CEO, Malka Barrego, announced almost two weeks earlier than the planned announcement date to let everyone know that Equitas will not re-open its schools for this school year.

The decision was made with the safety of our community in mind. We know first hand that the Pico-Union has been greatly impacted the current COVID pandemic, and we know our responsibilities extend teaching children, distributing meals, and making sure our scholars graduate from college. We are here to help and support families, and the well-being of our community will always be a priority.

We also know that our distance learning program works, and scholars have demonstrated significant academic gains since September. Although we miss seeing our scholars, our schools’ effective instruction make re-entry a little less urgent than if our distance learning program didn’t work.

But we are not slowing down. Here’s what you can expect from the school:

  • Continue to get authentic insight from families beyond surveys, from events such as Cafecito, EQ2 Listens, and individual meetings/ calls;
  • Invite experts of distance learning to coach our teachers to be even more effective;
  • Plan to attack the most important learning standards for each grade and content area, and make sure we know exactly what we missed this year and need to be taught next year;
  • Prepare for the state test;
  • Continue planning for a re-entry should new demands are made by the city or state

Please continue to remind your child that learning is important; that doing well now is important; and that feeling sad and lonely is ok and we can help with all of them. All of us at EQ2 decided to teach because we care, and we will not feel burdened when we see a chance to help.

Parent Teacher Conference is coming soon. Stay tuned for more information and hope to see you then!

Published by Wil Ko

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