Yulissa Cifuentes

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while at EQ2? 

A important lesson I learned while at EQ2 was that learning is important if I want a bright future.

Thinking about the future, what are your dreams, goals, and aspirations? 

I still have no idea what I want to do in the future.  

What’s your favorite memory at EQ2? 

My favorite memory at EQ2 was making friends.

What are 3-4 strengths or passions that served you well that you want to bring with you? 

I want to bring my passion for learning new things, my creativity, and how focused I can be when I want to.

USC Hybrid High School.

Published by Wil Ko

Fight up, love down.

One thought on “Yulissa Cifuentes

  1. Hey Yulissa! Congrats on graduating from middle school! I miss how you used to make all of us laugh back when you were in fifth grade. I know that you are still bringing lots of joy to people around you. Enjoy your summer and high school! 🙂

    -Ms. Trejo

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