Jesse Quinones-Martinez

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while at EQ2? 

An important lesson that I learned at EQ2 is just being yourself because before I would just be more quiet and just keep more to myself than opening up to others and not as lively as I was the past 2 years

Thinking about the future, what are your dreams, goals, and aspirations? 

When I think about my future the one thing that comes to mind is JAPAN because ever since I became into anime I saw myself growing more interested not just into anime but Japanese culture and now my goal is to one day move over there and learn what I’ve now grown to love Japanese culture 

What’s your favorite memory at EQ2? 

My favorite memory while at EQ2 would have to be when I first stepped foot on EQ2

What are 3-4 strengths or passions that served you well that you want to bring with you? 

One strength that served me well is opening up to my classmates such as my hobbies and thing’s I likes especially with my teachers and the two passions that served me well is my curiosity for English and Passion for books

Sotomayor Arts and Sciences Magnet

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One thought on “Jesse Quinones-Martinez

  1. Jesse, congratulations! I am so happy for you for graduating middle school. Remember to work hard and stick with it in high school! I know that you will do great things in the future. I hope that you take this summer to relax and enjoy yourself!

    -Ms. Trejo

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