jennifer Venegas

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while at EQ2? 

I have learned to always listen

Thinking about the future, what are your dreams, goals, and aspirations? 

I want my future to be good so I want a fun tire career

What’s your favorite memory at EQ2? 

My favorite memory is when we went camping and I got to be with all my friends

What are 3-4 strengths or passions that served you well that you want to bring with you? 

I always listen, I pay attention, and I always get my work done before I get distracted

Alliance Ted K. Tajima

Published by Wil Ko

Fight up, love down.

One thought on “jennifer Venegas

  1. Hey Jennifer! Congratulations on graduating from middle school! I am so proud of you. I miss having you in my class – you were always so kind and hard working. I know that these qualities will take you far. Enjoy your summer and have a wonderful time in high school.

    -Ms. Trejo

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